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Sheep Milk Ireland is a family business based in Cashel, County Tipperary under the shadow of the famous Rock of Cashel.

This area is part of the renowned Golden Vale, with its extensive rolling grasslands having a well-earned reputation as being amongst the finest agricultural land in all of Europe.

Over the past few years, Sheep Milk Ireland have developed a flock of dairy sheep that are ideally suited to the conditions in Ireland. This flock has now grown to 2,500 in number, making it by far the biggest flock of dairy sheep in Ireland. Our aim is to combine Ireland’s strengths in sheep, grass and dairy production to create the finest milk-based products in the world.

Sheep milk was one of the first milks consumed by humans. Traditionally, sheep milk is used in cheese and yogurt products in regions around the Mediterranean and Middle East. In recent times, changing consumer preferences have led to sheep milk being in huge demand in various forms across the world. Due to its unique attributes, sheep milk is now being processed into products to an unprecedented extent. 

Sheep Milk Ireland are in a unique position to utilize the world-class dairy expertise available in Ireland to produce premium grass-fed sheep milk products.

Meet the team

Michael Crosse – Executive director

Michael has a huge passion for farming and was the catalyst for this venture. When researching his options to enter full-time farming with his brother Brendan, they felt sheep milk offered the most exciting route for them to go down.

Michael graduated from University College Dublin with a BAgrSc Degree in Agricultural Science through the Walsh Fellowship Programme, as well completing a MSc in Grassland and Dairy production through Teagasc Moorepark.

Brendan Crosse – Executive director

Brendan has a different but complementary skillset to Michael, having more of an interest in the food sector of the farming business. He jumped at the opportunity to join Michael in Sheep Milk Ireland as it offered the opportunity to create a vertical integrated business from farm to plate. 

Brendan graduated University College Dublin with a BSc of Science and an Erasmus Mundus Masters in Food Innovation and Product Design from three universities in Paris, Lund and Dublin.

John O’Connor – Non-executive Director

John is a highly-experienced professional that specialises in international markets. He has held board-level positions with companies in the aerospace, natural resource development and finance sectors. He was a founder investor in Rosario Bio Energy (Argentina) and the Chairman of Anglo African Minerals (Ire). Between 2012 and 2017, he was an advisor to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in Ireland.

Katie Cooper – Non-executive Director

Katie is a media professional with our 25 years of experience with the BBC in the UK. She worked across a range of departments from PR to TV production. She has a keen interest in building new companies that are focused on premium niche markets that have a positive impact on the environment.



Through its work with other dairy companies, Sheep Milk Ireland can offer a range of products to the market.  The current focus is on the production of whole sheep milk powder. This allows Sheep Milk Ireland to offer their milk to consumers around the world, especially those with an inherent intolerance to cow’s milk.

Moorepark Technology

Sheep Milk Ireland are working closely with Moorepark technology to create innovative products. Moorepark have a boutique commercial-scale facility that is perfect for premium sheep milk products. The Irish State agency Teagasc are the controlling shareholder of Moorepark. It is one of the only Research & Development facilities of its type in the world that accommodates the entire process from farm to end product.


Food Works is a government-supported accelerator programme that helps develop the next generation of scalable and export-driven Irish food businesses. Food Works is run by Enterprise Ireland, Teagasc and the Irish food board, Bord Bia. Their rigorous programme helped Sheep Milk Ireland form its strategy and led to Enterprise Ireland investing in the business.

BKV Limited

Sheep Milk Ireland have developed a partnership with Hong Kong based, BKV Ltd. This is giving Sheep Milk Ireland the global reach to target a huge range of consumers around the world.


Sheep Milk Ireland, Cashel, Co. Tipperary